Jake Sawyer Fitness

Since 2000,

the umbrella of Jake Sawyer Fitness has grown to cover virtually every aspect of fitness, health and wellness.

To meet the demand in delivering premium services, the Jake Sawyer Fitness Team consists of certified highly and experienced professionals in personal training,

yoga, strength and cardio conditioning, massage, skin care, nutrition and anti-aging, with a combined total of more than three decades of practical expertise.

The trainers specialize in everything from beginner-level fitness to elite competitor conditioning and professional athlete performance.

Jake Sawyer is a spokesperson for Pro-Fight Supplements, which provide world-class micro-nutrients and vitamins geared specifically for peak performance.

The key to the Jake Sawyer Sexy Made Simple™ approach is his philosophy – focus on core elements that make you feel good inside and Look Good Anywhere™.

“I have worked with a number of trainers over the years and have found that Jake is the absolute best. His holistic approach to exercise and nutrition, along with his ability to motivate and encourage me, has brought about results I didn’t think were possible. If you are reaching for the top of your goals, Jake is the trainer you want by your side!”
~ Craig Bradley


Adam Sawyer, Jake Sawyer, Craig Bradley
Adam Sawyer, Jake Sawyer, Craig Bradley