I want to inspire people.

I believe in going for what you want and not settling for less. I’ve never had, or given myself, the option of having a plan B. Everything that happens in life is an opportunity – an opportunity to grow, to overcome, to go beyond. And the results look deceptively easy.

People see me and think I’m some privileged, good-looking All-American surfer dude who made it on easy street in business, film and body building. They see my photos and make assumptions. They have no idea that I grew up on the rough side of Maine, literally fighting for my life – and that I haven’t really stopped yet.

Through a childhood filled with neglect to near death experiences (plural) to being blown up in Iraq and more, I’ve never quit. I just didn’t know that there was another way. And I didn’t know that life was different for most people.

Many people define themselves in the world by what they’ve accomplished. In some ways, I guess I’m no different… except that I have come to know myself in a profound way.

People see my body and think they know my life. My body has been my distraction from pain, my power source through challenge and my guide to the next best steps in my life. I owe my body everything. Beyond that, I am still growing my appreciation of myself.

As every person is, I’m an on-going work in progress. I guess that’s a good thing because anything else means I’m six feet under. I’m committed to doing my best to show up for my life and my purpose in being here against the odds by taking the next step each and every day.

Although I fought for it all my life, I could never have imagined the life I have now. Everywhere I look, I see light. There is light coming through my work, the opportunities that are coming to me out of nowhere, the relationships that are unfolding in new ways and success that I never expected. It’s easier than it’s ever been.

In thinking about how to sum up the big picture of what I have learned about life so far, all I can say is don’t sell yourself short. Go as fast and as hard as you can for as long as you can. The more you accelerate your choices and actions, the more momentum you create to become who you want to be – focus on a point and go. There’s always somebody or something that will try to hold you back. There’s always a threshold when you have to shut off your brain and just do it. Do what it takes to keep showing up every day for your plan A… believe me, you can’t imagine where that will take you.

“Training with Jake Sawyer has elevated my personal and professional life. He listened to my goals and developed a training map to get me there. I am so thankful I switched to Jake!”
~ Brady Sandahl, Sotheby’s International Realty