Success Stories

“Having been involved in fitness for over 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of personal trainers come and go, but Jake is a true professional and someone I’ve always looked to whenever I’ve needed advice or help with my workouts. He is by far one of the BEST trainers out there!

After suffering severe injuries to my neck, back and shoulder due to a riding accident a few years ago, combined with “middle age” creeping up on me, I once again looked to Jake for help this past year. Jake helped me recondition my body and get back on track. (Not to mention that he lifted my butt to ‘new heights’ I’d never thought possible at this stage of my life!) :)

Our training sessions were intense, yet we always had fun! His extensive knowledge on training methods, nutrition and supplements went far beyond my expectations. By the way, I can honestly say that Pro Fight Supplements are the best supplements I’ve ever used – I’ve gotten great results!

Not only is Jake an incredible trainer, he is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. I’m grateful to have him in my life!

I highly recommend Jake Sawyer Fitness to anyone looking to transform their body AND their life!!! Trust me… you won’t be disappointed!”

~Debi Valentino
Real Estate Agent
Palm Springs, CA


“Working out with Jake is the best part of my day. Jake makes my session all about me. He concentrates on exercises that will help me meet my individual goals. He is always ready with nutritional advice for my diet to help me feel better. After every session, he stretches you out and makes sure the body parts that were worked out are rubbed down. At this moment, my self-confidence is
at its highest due to Jake. He is not only good for my body but good from my soul too!”

~ Jenn Seymour
CFO Mark Hunters Palm Springs Ltd.


“Jake is an exceptional trainer. His understanding of balance with mind, body and spirit while training is excellent. With enormous enthusiasm, Jake displays his wonderful and nurturing personality. I would recommend his service to anyone who asks.”

~Napoleon Perdis
CEO and Founder


“Jake Sawyer is the best trainer I ever worked with, and I worked with quite few as the entertainer since childhood! He can build the body that you always wanted, and that happened to me when I started to work out with him:)! When we hit the gym, just after 2 weeks people around me were asking what did I do to have that athletic/ muscle packed body! After few months it was – ultimate dream come true! Jake is the only trainer that I know who can get you ready for the Hollywood production in a super fast time, with epic results, or for whatever you “life set” is:)! For sure you will look very Hollywood!”


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President & CEO
KUBA Entertainment, LLC