Get Your Sexy Back. Simply.

Your body strives to look its best – that’s one of the reasons it always works hard to burn up any extra weight you might have ‘lying around’. It will always seek ‘homeostasis’, or balance, naturally at your best health levels. But there are definitely a few clever tactics that you can take advantage of in order to tap into the well-kept secret of being more sexy.

Whether your goal is to slim down, build muscle, or both, harnessing the power of a varied workout will catapult you towards achieving your optimum physique. To unleash your full fat-burning potential, you have to adopt strength training into your exercise. As a by-product, you’re actively building and toning your muscles as well. Bottom line: you’re amping up your attraction factor.

Fitness experts will tell you that regular cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, hiking, biking and swimming will strengthen the efficiency of both your lungs and heart. You’ll be able to recover more easily from any workout, exercise for longer periods and will generally have more endurance. Your energy levels will increase and you’ll feel more vigorous and healthy.

But I’m here to tell you the REAL reason you want to get cardio into your routine – your sex drive will also skyrocket! Then it’s time to incorporate strength training to accelerate your results exponentially.

Strength training cues your body to burn through its glycogen storage so that your cardio activity will start burning your body fat immediately. This will cut your cardio time down by an hour (or more!). Incorporate strength training with a fitness expert (or better yet – a fitness authority!) so you can be sure you’re achieving superlative results.

Begin your cardiovascular workout promptly after strength training. Thirty minutes of cardio is enough to take full advantage of what I like to call the “fat burning zone”. And let’s face it – why spend any unnecessary time in getting fantastic results? The zone is where your sexy lives and it’s waiting for you… so go get into it!

Now, how do you know if you’re getting the right amount of exercise? Use the talk test. If you’re breathless and can’t speak, then you are working too hard. If you can talk non-stop, then you aren’t working hard enough! You know you’re getting the right amount of cardio exercise when you are able to say a few words (maybe to flirt a little?), catch your breath and then continue to flirt – I mean… speak! – comfortably.

If you enjoy running, you can achieve similar results utilizing only cardio. This is particularly useful when you don’t have the means for proper strength training for what I like to call “lactic acid training”. Simply sprint, jog, walk, repeat. Do this in 1-minute, 4-minute, 4-minute intervals, respectively. You will burn fat twice as fast as your regular cardiovascular workout… a big key to getting your sexy back simply.

Next I’ll be talking about how to make your dream an appointment with your future reality AND the connection between your fitness level and your professional success. Meanwhile, I want to know the one thing you commit to doing different starting today to get your sexy back simply… so please share your comments below!

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