Jake served as an SPC in the U.S. Army Reserve for nine years and, just months from the conclusion of his commitment, was deployed for Iraqi Freedom for 15 months (2002-2004).

After being overseas for just six months, his convoy was blown up by an IED and he suffered significant disabling injuries that required metal pieces and screws to put his foot back together.

Although offered stateside recovery, he refused to leave his unit and, instead, chose to become responsible for designing fitness programs and workout facilities to rehabilitate U.S. troops in Iraq.

He was decorated in 1998 with the General Abrams Award, the top soldier award available for servicemen.

Jake is currently writing his autobiography that chronicles what led up to that point in his life, the details of active duty and what he recalls of the moment of explosion. From there, he shares the emotionally-wrenching, bittersweet triumph of rebuilding the shreds of his body, his career and his life into the complete package you see today.

Projected publish date: 2013


“I just want to help and give back – my fellow combat brothers and sisters need my help just like my everyday personal training clients. I feel as though I can positively influence everyone to help change their way of thinking in order to have a better body, more positive outlook and greater motivation to succeed in every aspect of life.”

~ Jake Sawyer