Our Soldiers Need Support After Active Duty Service –                                                               It’s Our Shared Responsibility!

Save Our Soldiers is Jake Sawyer’s vision of soldiers living happy, healthy and successful lives in participation with and contribution to their communities beyond their time of active duty service.

Having served in the military himself, Jake knows what it’s like to re-integrate into civilian life. He himself was blown up in his tank, suffered extensive injuries and trauma, then painful rehabilitation both physically and emotionally. When he returned to his former life, he discovered it didn’t exist anymore – he had to start over. And this is what faces many veterans upon fulfilling their terms of service.

As a result, Jake is committed to giving returning veterans a guided life rehabilitation process to help them get back on their feet and heal mind, body and spirit after active duty service.

The SOS Program consists of a variety of methods designed to use their military training to follow orders as a way to actively re-engage them in positive life skills. Within a group home environment for a finite period of time, these soldiers will learn how to believe again – in themselves, in their loved ones, in their ability to matter and make a difference to others.

photo(3)“Being a born leader, I’ve taken my leadership roles seriously and with arms open. As a result of touching and inspiring many people on my journey, the tools I’ve acquired are priceless. Whether it’s winning wrestling titles, winning the war in Iraq or winning fitness and body building shows, I’ve learned and am now teaching the importance of consistency, routine,  hard work and helping others. There is – for sure – a linear relationship between your health/ fitness and your personal/ business success levels. Plain and simple – when you look good you feel good!!!”
~ Jake Sawyer

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