Look Good Anywhere Pledge

The Look Good Anywhere™ Pledge

  • I know that I can Look Good Anywhere by committing to action on the following:
  • Perfection is an illusion. I know that I will never get there but that won’t keep me from striving to achieve it.
  • I will not eat carbs after 7 pm and I will go to sleep on an empty stomach.
  • I acknowledge that I cannot change everything about myself but I am grateful for everything that I can.
  • I will value myself by having more sex. This alone will burn calories, propel hormone production in my body and stimulate happiness in my life.
  • I will obtain healthy food from the perimeter aisles of the grocery store or from farmer’s markets (when possible).
  • I will love myself and my body in order to better love others in my life.
  • In order to help manifest my goals, I will write them down and share them with at least one person.
  • I will sweat, laugh and sit down to eat once a day in order to cultivate balance in my life.
  • I acknowledge that fashion is more than a superficial concept. It is a projection of my positive attitude and what I believe to be sexy.
    Fitness + Fashion = Success. Look Good Anywhere™
I am ready to Look Good Anywhere starting NOW!

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