Global Adventures

Are You Ready To Exceed Your Own Expectations?

Often it is when we are pushed beyond what we think we can do that we discover the true freedom of being our best. That is the philosophy behind Jake’s Global Adventure Tours.

When you participate in a Global Adventure tour, you might find yourself:

• Climbing Alaskan glaciers
• Zip-lining through the Amazon rainforest
• Trekking the Saharan sands
• Racing dune buggies on the beaches of Costa Rica
• Running up the stairs at Machu Pichu
• Sailing coastal waters of Mallorca, Spain
• Phosphorous cave diving in New Zealand
• Hunting with the Masaai warriors of Africa
• And more…


These intimate group adventures are strategically designed to give you a goal for your optimal fitness AND a way to put it in action with adventure!

You explore new vistas, discover terrains that you never knew you could traverse and push your physical limits to find new edges to conquer and celebrate.

To request information about upcoming Global Adventure Tours, please email your interest (and ideas!) to:

Once your email is received, one of the team will be in touch within 48 hours to explore the possibilities with you directly and at your convenience.