Personal Training

Want To See Your Body’s Full Potential Actualized?

With personal training through Jake Sawyer Fitness, we can help you get there! Individual and group services include:

• Core Strength Training
• Body Sculpting And Toning
• Fitness For Fat Loss
• Cardio Conditioning
• Muscle Growth And Development
• Sport Specific Training
• Injury Rehabilitation
• Balance And Flexibility Training
• Dietary Counseling And Analysis
• Home Gym Consultation And Design
• Fitness Boot Camps
• Natural / Outdoor Workouts



Please submit your interest in personal training via the form below (which sends us an email). Once we receive it, either Jake or one of our team will be in touch with you to schedule a 15-minute (complimentary) phone conversation to answer any questions you might have about personal training.




What is your training goal (weight loss, toning, strength training, etc.)?

When is the last time you committed to a training program with a coach?

Are you currently following a nutrition plan?
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What typically blocks you (if anything) from achieving your goals?

When are you interested in beginning your personal training sessions?


Please note that a Jake Sawyer Fitness team member will respond to your request within 48 hours. If you have not heard a return response by then, there may have been a problem in submission. In that case, please contact us at