Sexy Made Simple™ Program

The Sexy Made Simple Program is a three-dimensional fitness experience as a path to effective personal transformation through detoxification, weight loss and strength conditioning for fast, sustainable results.

Participants fly into Palm springs to take advantage of the area as a scenic and holistic healing destination spot, which attracts thousands of visitors year-round due to the climate, natural beauty and amenities.

There is a strategically designed progression of activities in the program, including some modalities that alternate, which create optimal success regardless of body type. Personal fitness levels and current conditioning will be accounted for and managed by the Jake Sawyer as well as members of his team.

You have two options to choose from for your personal program: a three-day and five-day transformation package.

In either case, your program will be delivered by Jake Sawyer Fitness Team Members who are certified in various fields of expertise including (and not limited to): personal training, running bootcamps, strength training, circuit training, mixed martial arts, aerobics conditioning, yoga instruction and athletic detox massage.

You will receive a Jake Sawyer TakeYourSexyHome Package that includes branded water bottles, hand towels, t-shirt, wrist band and a certificate for two follow-up motivational coaching phone sessions.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive a quarterly check-in list via phone call for the next 12 months following your program to provide accountability and evaluate your fitness levels over time.

Additional elements will be available through various program upgrades:
• 1:1 personal training
• Cooking classes
• Nutritional supplements
• Image makeover
• Photo shoot

img1“For 50 years I have been in and out of the gym and, for many of those years, as a professional photographer in the fitness business. I have seen trainers come and go and, to be honest, most of them should have gone. In all of that time, I have seen none better than Jake Sawyer. His knowledge, competency and personal care will serve anyone well whether you are looking to get on track to a better life of health and fitness or looking to step it up a notch or two. You will feel better and he can make you “Look Good Anywhere”!”
~ Ian L. Sitren

For a personal phone consultation about the program and to schedule your participation today, please call 760.406.1730.