VIP Packages

Do You Have A Unique Situation?

VIP Packages are offered for exclusive 1:1 training sessions with Jake in such cases as:

• Professional athletes training (especially for competition)

• Actors and performers with an upcoming event or appearance (note: this may be secured through the studio AND may be conducted on set between shooting)

• Individuals with fitness deadlines (photo shoot, marathon, etc.)

• High profile individuals and celebrities with confidentiality requirements

• Vets with service-related disabilities

A typical VIP schedule consists of 4 – 5 private sessions per week until goals are attained.

Additionally, other VIP Packages may consist of:

• On-Site Transformation Retreats: Jake stays with / near you providing 24/7 training, nutritional support and mindset coaching in one-week increments.

• In-Home Training: You receive in-home training, coaching and nutrition counseling based on your schedule

• On-Set Training: For celebrities actively engaged in a tour or filming, Jake will work with you in between performance obligations.

• Intense Competition Preparation: As a professional and/or competing athlete, Jack accompanies you in the days immediately prior to and during your competition event to ensure your peak performance.


Please submit your interest in personal training via the form below (which sends us an email). Once we receive it, either Jake or one of our team will be in touch with you to schedule a 15-minute (complimentary) phone conversation to answer any questions you might have about personal training.

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Please note that a Jake Sawyer Fitness team member will respond to your request within 48 hours. If you have not heard a return response by then, there may have been a problem in submission. In that case, please contact us at